Praetorian Rough Rider versus Ork

Back to updating after a small post-Golden Demon break! Here is another oldie, but one of the favourites in my collection. I started this diorama in 2002, but didn't finish it until 2003 for Golden Demon. Out of all the entries I have done for Golden Demon, this one I feel is my best. After a lot of on and off efforts, everything just came together in the end and the piece just worked.

It managed to win Gold in it's category, and a lot of contraversy was caused that year because Vic's Fiery Angel duel only got 3rd (if you don't know which piece Fiery Angel is, I suggest you check the top 10 miniatures on CMoN). Some in-progress pics of this piece are shown below.

Oh yeah, Games Workshop Australia have also updated their website with the winners from Golden Demon 2005. I have to say, great photos this year (though the ones shown on the website need a sharpen and a resize), check them out at:


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