Sedition Wars: Painting Sci-Fi Bases

The Sedition Wars board game comes with some great sci-fi bases, all in hard plastic. I'll go through my process of painting them in this blog post.

I start by sticking them down with blu-tac (or whatever your local equivalent is) to a big board, and give the whole lot an undercoat of Chaos Black spray.

With an airbrush, I use Vallejo Air German Grey and spray all the main big areas of the bases, leaving a darker gap along details such as panel lines.
I follow this with a second spray on a progressively smaller area of Vallejo Air Light grey. I then use the airbrush to pick out areas which I want lit up with P3 Arcane Blue (thinned with Windex). This is the start of the lighting effects on the bases.
I then use a sponge (just a corner ripped off the foam backing in a blister pack) to dab on scratches. The scratches are Vallejo German Camo Black Brown.

I then had some Anarchy Stencils handy, so I jused a few to airbrush on some writing and designs onto a few of the bases. I used Vallejo Game Air White for the writing.

I then go back and lightly dab brown over the writing to look like worn off.
Here's a photo of me comparing the batch of bases with some test models I did to determine the colour scheme.
The last steps are to add a thin mix of Arcane Blue and Skull White and paint the center of the lights on the bases.
I then followed up with a light pigment of MIG Rust, just to give the bases an additional colour as a point of interest.


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