Flintloque Toad Trooper

First photo repost from the old website! This frog was painted in 2003 after I did a round the world trip visiting America, UK and France (I didn't mention in the original comments, but I actually started painting him in France when I stayed with Jeremie). I look at it in my shelf and it reminds me of the fun times I had with some great friends during 2003. You can see the other Toads painted up at the Deus Ex Machina frog gallery.

Manufacturer: Alternative Armies

Range: Flintloque

Scale: 28mm

Jason Moses purchased a pack of toads and gave one each to myself, Tom Schadle and Joel Patton to commemerate our time together during Games Day Baltimore and Origins.

I tried doing a fancier base for him, and used very natural tones (and normal metallics). I went for a fairly standard era blue, white and red uniform. The toad's skin is military green highlighted with Russian winter green.

The model was glued onto a standard round base, and I glued some rocks around his metal base to give the impression of a river bank. The cat tails were fun to make, they are just wire with some putty on the end (though a bit too big - hey, they're mutated cat tails!). The water has just been the bare base paitned blue with several coats of gloss on top of it.

The paint job isn't spectacular, but this is still one of the favourite models in my collection.


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