Bandai 144th Scale Zaku II

So far the weekend has been busy - but I am well on the way to finishing my unit for Golden Demon (leaving a whole lot of single and large figures to finish this week).

Here is another repost - I painted this up for Animania in 2003. Animania is a Japanese cultural (in particular, anime) convention held in Sydney each year, and for 2003 and 2004 at least, they had a modelling competition. I placed second in 2003, and managed to win a Master Grade Eva Prototype kit. I haven't gone to Animania since then due to the increasing cost and decreasing number of events there that interest me, so I haven't had much reason to do any anime kits recently (though I hope to after I get these Golden Demon entries out of the way).

Manufacturer: Bandai

Range: Gundam

Scale: 1/144th

Comments: For Animania. Tried out some new clear polyurethane resin I purchased for the water.


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