Nurgle Champion

Ok it's been absolutely ages since I posted anything, but this is one of those "I'm still alive!" posts.

I don't actually have anything recent to show off, but here is a WIP I started way back in January at the 
OzPainters Nurgle Workshop. The below shot was taken by Weisern on the day:

And this is a photo I took at home after I worked on him a bit more:

The colours for the armour are:
  • Base Coat 1: Cryx Bane Base
  • Base Coat 2: Gretchin Green
  • Shading: Badab Black, Baal Red, Hormagaunt Purple
  • Highlights: Rotting Flesh, Menoth White Highlight
Ok I'll need to start thinking about regular posts again...


Bart Beswick said…
Here's hoping! He looks great.

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