Quick Weathered Bases

Mae from Space Kitties and I had a few painting sessions recently working on a set of Studio Miniatures' excellent range of zombies. I'm still in the process of sorting out a new camera, but here's a tutorial and sneak-peek of what we've done.

In this post, I'll just cover how I finished off the bases with a nice weathered, dirty hospital floor look. I started by using blu-tack to stick the eight bases to a small tile to make holding them all easier (especially for the painting stages).

I did the textures in Milliput - first I mashed them flat with my fingers, and finished off rolling it flush using a thick marker pen as a rolling pin. I then used a razor blade to cut in the tiles, pushing the razor in and moving it from side to side to get a rough "V" shaped groove.
I decided to paint them with the airbrush, as bases look great with the subtle tones, and also because it's easy and good practice! They have been airbrushed with Tamiya Flat Brown and highlighted up with Tamiya Deck Tan:
An oil wash, using Archival Oils Burnt Umber. Unfortunately, it's the only oil paint I have at present, so I was a bit limited in what I could do with it (i.e. basically work it into the grooves between the tiles and the chips and scratches on the ground):
I dried out the oil paint with a hair dryer, and painted the edges black. They're not perfect circles unfortunately, as some parts were a bit too flush with the edge of the base and I couldn't work out where the edge should have been. Next time I do this, I'll remember to leave a thin circle! I've also added some red tones with MIG Pigments rust colour:
The cast of zombies glued on their bases:


Mae said…
I DIG. ♥

You win many internets. :D
YsambartCourtin said…
Strangely enough, I think the raw miliput bases look more like a scary green goo tinged linoleum hospital floor than the finished product!

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