Holmes and Watson Progress Photos

Here are some WIP shots of Holmes and Watson I've been working on. They are from Reaper's Chronoscape range. These photos are by no means comprehensive or a tutorial, they are just at points where I decided I'd stop and take a photo! In fact, it's not even a tutorial, it's just the process I took to paint them given the constraints I had.

Holmes and Watson

So Holmes and Watson come with a number of options for their hands. I chose a lantern and pipe for Holmes, and a gun and briefcase for Watson.
Cleaned up and glued onto temporary bases. As they'd both share the same base when finished, it would be easier to paint them separately.
As I had less than a week to paint them, I went for the simple but effective Foundry style, with the aim to add more emphasis to the faces as these would be the focal points. In this photo I've blocked in the base colours and started the first highlights on Holmes' coat and pants.
More layers added in this next photo, mostly finished.


Time for the base, following the same techniques as the zombie bases using the airbrush and oil paint (no pigments this time).

I start with a thin layer of milliput, cutting in the flagstones with a razor on a GW 40mm base.
With the airbrush and using exclusively Tamiya paints, I first did a layer of a 50/50 mix of Flat Brown and Flat Black, and then built up the highlights with Flat Earth, Deck Tan and Flat White. I do a ratio of about 70-80% thinner to paint, it's important to keep mix fairly fluid or else the airbrush will clog.
I then when back and airbushed in Flat Brown where the corners of the flagstones meet. I also worked on another 30mm base at the same time. It's quite fast to do multiple bases by blu-tacking them onto a tile.
Now I pull out the oil paint, using Burnt Umber I trace along the edge and put a few dots in the middle of each flagstone. I'm not too concerned about being clean, as I will use thinner to blend in the colour.
This is how it looks after I've blended with a wet brush using the thinner. I keep brushing over the areas I want to be lighter, as the brush will pick up the excess oil paint and the thinner will blend the edges automatically when I lift the brush off the surface.
Here's a photo showing the 30mm base too. The oil paint is quite reflective and shiny, so it's a bit hard to get a sharp photo without the reflection of my light.
This is after drying with a hair dryer. It took a good 30min to get it to dry enough. It's still a bit wet between the flagstones.
I paint the edge black, and now the base is ready for Holmes and Watson to be glued on!


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