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Last night I did a bit of freehand painting on a sculpted banner for an upcoming Golden Demon entry. I thought I'd share with you all some work in progress photos so you can see how it developed. I'm by no means an expert on painting freehand designs, but I think the most important thing is to break it up into simplier shapes and slowly work it up from there. 95% of the work was done with a PP Hobby Work Brush, and the smallest highlights were picked out with Size 0 Vallejo kolinsky sable brush.
I started roughing out a circle with Mecharite Red, thinned down to almost like a water colour. I worked out the circle first, and then coloured it, building up the red in several layers. I then used thin Chaos Black to sketch in roughly where certain elements of the design would go - in this case, the border and the face. As the shadows were going to stay fairly dark, I thought black should be ok to use for lining out the design.
Next I started picking out the details - the red was highlighted to give the impressions of bumps and wrinkles in the skin using Mecharite Red mixed with Macharius Solar Orange. A final highlight of Pale Flesh added to this mix finished off the red. The teeth, eyes and the ring were picked out with Menoth White Base. As I was going to paint a checker pattern around the face, I painted in thin guidelines around the white ring at this stage too.
So now we're down to business. Once I had the lines dividing up the checkers, I went to every alternating space and pained the outer half black. It looks sort of like a poker-chip at this stage. It's crucial to break up patterns into simple steps like this, else it is not only harder to paint, but also harder to keep it even and sharp. The next stage was to then paint the opposite half of the alternating spaces, and that's it! I also added the black wiggly rays coming out of the face at this point using thinned black paint.

The final step was to highlight the black using Charadon Granite and Dheneb Stone - picking out the checkers and the rays. I then redefined the edges of the design in thinned black to sharpen all the edges up.

So that's the logo done, tonight I aim to finish up the rest of the banner with some more highlights on the beige back colour, and then lots of weathering,


YsambartCourtin said…
Freehand. You have gone somewhere I promise I will never follow :)

It looks brilliant, but I can't help but think that I would be able to do twenty figures in the time it takes you to do one banner.

And for the time it would take ME to do one banner that well, I would paint an army :)
Andrew said…
Ahh well I've always advocated different painting techniques for different purposes. I wouldn't recommend painting freehand on figures for tabletop armies if your painting time is limited. :)

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