MOAB (and Wyrd) Painting Competition

MOAB Painting Competition
Once again I'm running the MOAB painting competition along with Rob Jedi, which will be held 3-5th October at the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club. The categories this year are:
  • Single Miniature
  • Large Model
  • Unit, Squad, Group or Regiment
  • Vehicle, Squadron, War machine, or Chariot Unit
  • Diorama or Terrain Piece
  • Open
You can find out more information here and also on the official MOAB website.

Wyrd Painting Competition
We have a Wyrd painting competition, as a follow-up to the successful one ran by Trevor from OzPainters last year. Get your entries into MOAB Painting Competition, and if it is a Wyrd miniature, it also qualifies for the Wyrd painting competition! Wyrd have agreed to sponsor, with prize support based on the number of entries.

On a related note, Wyrd Miniatures are now available at the Mainly Medieval online store for those who live in Australia and are looking for a local stockist. A restock should arrive this week along with the new faction starters and the Malifaux rulebook and fate decks.


Mae said…
:D Can't wait to see everyone's entries!

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