Finished Deffkopta

Well, I got it done with the gretchin on the base. Found a bag of lichen from Ralph that I glued to the base as little trees too. I got a feeling the oil paint won't be dry for a few weeks... I used it sparingly between the panels.


Mae said…
Looks awesome! I can't believe you worked on this in such a small span of time. Good luck!
Andrew said…
Thanks. I'm crazy like that! It's not really a serious contender, there's some much better entries in this category out there that I've seen already.
YsambartCourtin said…
I think that red one will, indeed, go faster. Great work.
Andrew said…
Thanks Bart! Hope I can show it to you next time you visit!
Khorneguy said…
Awesome dude!

I'd say that's golden deamon standard easily.

A lot of what i saw at GD UK this year didn't even come close to this.
woroxon said…
I like the color selection and the base is stunning a definitive wonderful work.
Andrew said…
@Khorneguy Thanks! The winners from GD UK looked really good though this year, so I guess there was a big gap between the finalists and the rest of the entrants.

@woroxon The colours are really just an extension of my usual red with checkers scheme that I did on last year's Kommando squad and the ork bust. Glad you like it!

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