Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update

Got a bit more work done on Rasputina and her crew - I have been reading the rules and I want to get them ready for a game. So I figured the best way to tie everything together is to paint their bases. Here's a group shot:
The bases are a mix of slate and texture paste, so they take quite readily to dry brushing. Here are the colours I have used on the base, most of it applied with a stiff bristle size 2 brush:
  • Base: Chaos Black + Charadon Granite
  • Highlight 1: Astronomican Grey Drybrush
  • Wash: Devlan Mud + Thraka Green
  • Highlight 2: Astronomican Grey
  • Highlight 3: Menoth White Base
  • Highlight 4: Menoth White Highlight
You can see the colours after all these steps on the Ice Golem base:
I have then mixed Jo Sonja's Texture Paste with water and started layering it on the Ice Gamin bases where ice and snow would gather (making sure it was around their feet). By mixing the texture paste with water, I can brush it on with a much smoother consistency. Here is a close up of the Ice Gamin:
Most of the white will fade due to the water mix, but it will dry very matt, and ready for another coat. It'll take a few hours, so I'll show you an update next post. Here is a shot from the top:
Rasputina had a few more highlights of Hormagaunt Purple + Menoth White Highlight, though still plenty more layers to go. I have painted her belt Jade Green + Chaos Black, and I have washed the fur trim with Badab Black. Rasputina from the front:
And from the back:
Ok that's the mid-week update. More to come soon!


YsambartCourtin said…
I'm already excited. And soon we will have moved house, and then we can get our painting table organised again, then there will be a game challenge!
Andrew said…
Which factions did you pick up? You gotta challenge Paul and break his win streak!

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