Malifaux - Lady Justice and the Death Marshals (Finished!)

I realised I never posted the finished photos for these guys, so here they are, front and back, followed by some shots of the individual figures.

Lady Justice and the Death Marshals

Lady Justice

The Judge

The Death Marshals

Death Marshal 1

Death Marshal 2

Death Marshal 3

I entered the Death Marshals at Little Wars 2010 last year down in Melbourne, and to my surprise I managed to pick up Gold in the Unit category. This is the trophy I received, sculpted by Angora:

How to paint Lady Justice and the Death Marshals... also known as a summary of all the Work in Progress pages:
That's what... almost 2 years to paint a crew? And then a few months for me to actually go and take photos of them. How embarrassing! Guess I need to get cracking on Rasputina and the Cult of December. Maybe I can get most of them done next week... hmmm.


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