Rasputina Crew (Part 10)

I found some time to do some more work on Rasputina and her crew at the regular Tuesday painting nights over at Turelio's place.
    Rasputina has gotten a bit of love, with the sash painted with Vallejo Blue Green, highlighted by mixing in Skull White. The goggles were painted Enchanted Blue, Highlighted with Skull White. I also cleaned up around her eyes with Elf Flesh and Skull White.
     A back view - you can see more of the sash here. The fur trim was overbrushed with Trollblood Highlight and then drybrused with Menoth White Highlight. I also added another layer of highlights of Menoth White Base and Hormagaunt Purple to the purple, but it doesn't really show through in the photos.
     The Ice Golem's base has been given a layer of watered down Jo Sonja's Texture Paste - next I'll add some grass tufts and add some more texture paste. I need to tweak my camera settings so that it keeps his face in focus in the photos. Apologies for this slightly blurry picture of him from the front.
     Here's a back view of the Ice Golem:
    The Ice Gamin got some more texture paste painted on, this time lightly brushing over the grass tufts to give the effect of snow clinging to them (like on the Polar Adventurers):
     Here is a back view of the Ice Gamin:
    So, slowly reaching the end-zone with this crew.

    As there has been lot of updates on this crew lately, and I'm getting a bit confused at what to name successive updates, so I thought I'd just continue by numbering them instead. So here are links to everything so far, in reverse chronological order:


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