Malifaux - Ice Gamin (Part 3) Plus Rasputina, and Ice Golem Update

Ok, so with the Ice Gamin progressing nicely, I thought I'd do a post with the rest of the crew (including the more-complete Ice Gamin).

Here's a shot of the Ice Gamin together - I still need to paint the claws on the left and right ones:
And individually, Ice Gamin 1:
Here is Ice Gamin 2:
And the original, Ice Gamin 3:
I've been highlighting up the Ice Golem with Trollblood Base, working on particular facets that would catch the light. The Trollblood Base colour also ties him back in with the Ice Gamin's colour scheme:
Ice Golem, from the back:
Ice Golem, from the left:
Ice Golem from the right:
It was 2009 when I last put paint to Rasputina, but now I've started adding more highlights to the purple clothes. Here she is from the front:
Rasputina, from the back:
Still a lot more to go but definitely usable on the tabletop now.


DarkTemplar said…
I love the colours on the Gamin!

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