Out of the Box - Canopic Beast

Note: This is a repost of the Canopic Beast article as a pure out of the box post.

After a bit of delay, I finally got a Canopic Beast from Smart Max's 54mm scale SMOG range. The model comes packaged in a single plastic bag - the left foot had actually snapped off the one I received, though it was a clean break that was easily repaired.
The beast comes in several parts pictured below. The resin is grey, but it seems a bit more brittle with a slight bit of discolouration on the surface. There were some quite horrible mold lines running along the bandages that were very difficult to remove, particularly along the arms and around his torso.
The base is also resin, but it has been cut with a bulking agent. You can see it in the photo below, with all the little dots.


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