Malifaux - Rasputina Crew Update Again

I had a game with Rasputina's crew vs. Ramos and friends, but it ended pretty horribly for Rasputina. The scenario was to plant evidence on the other side of the map, but we were playing in a bayou which really does not help when you have a slow crew to begin with. And damn those spiders and steamborgs with the arachnid ability to ignore terrain modifiers! Oh well, next time I shall have my revenge!

Anway, an update! I did some more work on the Ice Golem, adding Trollblood Base + Underbelly Blue, again paying attention to particular facets of his form that would catch the light. Further highlights will be added with Underbelly Blue.

 And here are the ice gamin, ready for some more watered down texture paste to build up the snow.
Ok enough for tonight, check back tomorrow for more updates!


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