Copplestone Polar Adventurers

I always wanted to paint up some of the Copplestone High Adventure models, so a few months ago, I picked up a few models from the snow-themed packs. The ones you see here in this post are the Polar Adventurers.

I have mounted them on straight-edged 25mm round bases, rather than the usual slot base, just for a change, and to have a bit more surface area to work with for the snow. I built up the texture with Vallejo Sandy Paste - once they are done, I'll then add the snow on top using Jo Sonja Texture Paste and snow powder.
Here they are undercoated black. I have painted the faces with GW Tanned Flesh.
The faces were highlighted with P3 Midlund Flesh, and final highlights picked out with Vallejo Game Colour Pallid Flesh. They look a bit like special forces dudes with the black undercoat!

Next I did some airbrushing to basecoat the white and blue clothing. I figured I want them to be reminiscent of the Rebel troopers on Hoth.

And with an ink wash over them...


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