Malifaux - Ice Gamin (Part 2)

Back to the Ice Gamin, since I'm in a bit of a snow-covered terrain mood after finishing off the Polar Adventurers. These guys have been on my desk for ages, and I should really get them finished at some point... but at least having one fully painted gives me a good idea of the colours. So here we go:

These guys were airbrushed a mix of Trollblood Base and Chaos Black (they were previously painted a much lighter blue):
They were then given a highlight of Trollblood Base, leaving the darker mix in all the recesses.
Here they are with the already finished one.

Ok, now just the bulk of the painting to go... another update tomorrow so you can see the painted skin on the other two ice gamin (and also see how the rest of the crew is progressing).

Till then, take care!


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