Copplestone Back of Beyond Warlord Chinese HMG

This was an excuse to paint up a heavy weapon team and use a larger base. It's like painting a mini-diorama. I might have to do more Chinese warlord figures after this one!
I have based them on a 50mm round straight edged base. The texture was build up using Vallejo Sandy Paste.
Now I haven't done this side with the loader. I figured I could paint him separately so I could get at all the detail. Here I've done a first layer with Tanned Flesh:
With more of the skin done up - a few more layers of Tanned Flesh, followed by a first highlight of Midlund Flesh:
Skin is finished (to a degree) and the uniform edges cleaned up with black. Ok I skipped a few steps in my photo taking here... so a short summary:
  • Grey Uniforms: Cryx Bane Base mixed with Iron Hull Grey, highlighted with Iron Hull Grey and then further highlighted by adding Menoth White Highlight. For that nice greeny-grey look.
  • HMG: Tin Bitz, followed by many many washes of Badab Black!
  • Red: Sanguine Base highlighted with Blood Red, and further highlighted with Blood Red mixed with Fiery Orange.
  • Skin: Highlighted further with Pale Flesh.
  • Puttees: Foundry Drab A, B and C.
  • White Socks: Astronomican Grey, highlighted Skull White.
  • Black Shoes: Chaos Black, highlighted Chaos Black with Astronomican Grey.
  • Buttons: Boltgun Metal with Badab Black wash.
The base was Palmer Raw Umber, drybrushed Snakebite Leather, drybrushed further with Bleached Bone, and a bit further with Menoth White Base. The rim of the base is Burnt Umber, to match my other pulp figures.
The grass tufts are my favourite as usual... Silfor.

 Afterwards, I added some more highlights to the uniform to make them stand out a bit more...

I think they're pretty much done. I'll take some better pictures later on!


YsambartCourtin said…
They look magnificent, Andrew. I do enjoy the 'little diorama' feel as well.
Andrew said…
Thanks Bart - got a Bolshevik HMG crew to do still as well. Gotta get more 50mm laser cut MDF bases from Aetherworks to mount them all on. :)

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