OzPainters Open 2011 (Melbourne)

Angora has been busy posting up photos from the OzPainters Open which was held on the 18th of September at Realm of Legend. They had a fantastic turnout with a lot of world-class entries.

OzPainter Open 2011 Results

I was lucky enough to place Gold with my Queek Headtaker, given the high quality of the entries, I really do mean lucky! And the unit category... the winners are pretty amazing! A huge congrats to all the winners! Anyway here are the fantastic photos taken by the crew down in Melbourne of my entries:

Here's Rasputina crew with the Wendigo:

Thanks to the OzPainters crew down in Melbourne for running the event, I hope next year the competition is even tougher as you attract more entries and entrants!


generulpoleaxe said…
Don't put yourself down, that is some cracking work.
Well deserved gold bud. :)
HaWior said…
Beautiful paint-job!
YsambartCourtin said…
Hi Andrew, Interestingly, I have my first minor criticism! As you know, I have fairly poor eyes, so one of the things I've always enjoyed about your figures is excellent complimentary colour choices. The Wedingo is the first model of yours where I have felt that the colours mixed down too much - the bases and the beast were too similar, and I couldn't see detail and the 'creature within'. Was this a deliberate choice to make the creature look blended in with the base, and more natural? With a miniature the issue with a good camouflage is that it works, and then you can't clearly see the miniature...
Andrew said…
Thanks for the compliments!

@YsambartCourtin - yes the Wendigo does blend into the base - more of an afterthought though as it didn't occur to me when I was painting it that the base would also be light coloured. He is a lot more clearly defined in the WIP photos where the base was just slate grey. I'll keep this in mind though next time I do a furred creature on a snow base (yes I do have one coming up - the polar bear minion from Hordes).

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