Malifaux - Wendigo

Ok so Rasputina needed a totem. The first one I tried was the Wendigo, but I think the Essence of Power is better in game terms. The Wendigo does fit the theme of her and her crew really well though!

More Finished Shots

Work in Progress Shots

Here's the wendigo out of the blister. It's pretty small!

Based on some rocks - the tab is just slotted between some slate pieces held with super glue.

Next I added greenstuff to fill the gaps in the rock, and then add some Vallejo texture paste on top to give it some texture.

Painted in about 20 minutes over a white undercoat! Sorry, didn't take any Work In Progress photos...

Colours used (I admit, he was mostly drybrushed):

  • Fur is Trollblood Highlight drybrushed with Trollblood Highlight and Menoth White Highlight.
  •  Lips and ears are Elf Flesh with Menoth White Highlight. 
  • Claws are Black higlighted with Charadon Granite and Menoth White Highlight.
  • Eyes are Arcane Blue with Menoth White Highlight. 
  • The base is Astronomican Grey drybrushed mixed with white.

And finally the grass tufts and texture paste.

So umm, now onto the big boy, Snow Storm. Or I could do the Essence of Power...


Snow Storm! Snow Storm! Snow Storm!

Great post, thanks for sharing. Your finished models do look amazing.
Andrew said…
Thanks Dark Templar.

I need to work upto Snow Storm. It's quite a big and imposing figure!
Turelio said…
I'd say do the essence of power. Get the small stuff out of the way first. The Wendigo looks good, especially considering it was a quick job.

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