Out of the Box - Snow Storm

Ok I did a few of these for a while and then I stopped, but I had this one banked up already - it's Snow Storm from Wyrd Miniatures.

It comes in a small box with the nice artwork. This is the same size as the mounted figures and the larger figures like Lord Chompy Bits.

There are three separate bagged items inside: the cards, Snow (and some antlers), and Storm.

A closer look at Snow. This one was mis-packed and had two pairs of hands.

Another close up of Snow.

This is Storm. He is entirely resin (apart from the metal antlers) and his arms come separate.

Here is a size comparison. Storm is huge! Snow is already 30mm+ tall, so you can interpolate the height and size of Storm from this photo.

A shot from the back. There are very minimal air bubbles, mostly concentrated under the hooves.

This is a cleaned up Storm, with pins on the bits ready to be assembled.

I hope you have enjoyed this out of the box of Snow Storm!


Chad said…
This is one of the models still on my To Purchase list. Thanks for sharing! I definitely want to pick on of these up soon whether I play it regularly or not.

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