Ork Kommandos

Firstly, thanks to Sebastian for taking some really good shots of my unit! In fact I am going to steal the photo as the first in this thread.

I actually started this unit back in June, I was planning on entering them at GDLA. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of being on holidays, I didn't get a chance to finish them off properly. So I decided I would enter them back in Australia instead.

The conversions have been kept to a minimum - only a few weapon and hand swaps (I didn't like the hand weapons, so I turned them into stikk bombz, and replaced two of the hands with those from the plastic ork boyz).

There are so many little areas I could have improved on, in particular I think I over-did the weathering in some parts and not enough in others. I also found weathering the Dark Angel green a lot tougher than weathering the red - probably due to my colour selections. There are also a number of areas where the painting could have been a bit sharper and crisper - in particular, the backpacks and their grey shirts. Anyway, I got more Orks planned, so it was a good learning experience!

For more information, including step by step photos:

And the same article in chinese, thanks to Panzer for translating and posting:


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