Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ork Bust

I finished this bust the night before the Australian Golden Demon finals! I entered it in the Open Category, which is the only category you can enter on the day. It didn't place, but it was fun to paint.

OzPainters has compiled a list of results and winners from the 2008 Australian Golden Demon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ork Kommandos

Firstly, thanks to Sebastian for taking some really good shots of my unit! In fact I am going to steal the photo as the first in this thread.

I actually started this unit back in June, I was planning on entering them at GDLA. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of being on holidays, I didn't get a chance to finish them off properly. So I decided I would enter them back in Australia instead.

The conversions have been kept to a minimum - only a few weapon and hand swaps (I didn't like the hand weapons, so I turned them into stikk bombz, and replaced two of the hands with those from the plastic ork boyz).

There are so many little areas I could have improved on, in particular I think I over-did the weathering in some parts and not enough in others. I also found weathering the Dark Angel green a lot tougher than weathering the red - probably due to my colour selections. There are also a number of areas where the painting could have been a bit sharper and crisper - in particular, the backpacks and their grey shirts. Anyway, I got more Orks planned, so it was a good learning experience!

For more information, including step by step photos:

And the same article in chinese, thanks to Panzer for translating and posting: