Witch Hunter Warband

I had two main sources of inspiration for this piece. The first was from the puritan witch hunter models (the Warhammer Quest one and the Johann Van Hal model). I really liked their outfits, especially the hats and bandoliers (so much so that I converted a third witch hunter in this outfit from one of the Mordheim witch hunter models).

My other source of inspiration was from the fanatical and crazy mood of some of the artwork in the Mordheim book (take a look at that guy with the burning hat on page 80 of the rule book!), and also from John Wigley's drawing of the Arch Confessor in Warhammer 40,000 (hence my choice of the confessor model for the warrior priest), as well as a hint of the Redeemer from Warhammer Monthly!

I chose a beige and dark green/black colour scheme, to give them a stoic and cold feel. Only the Flagellants have red on them, it really helps bring out their crazy and insane personality, like soldiers of ancient times colouring their cloaks red so they could not notice their own blood.

Now with all the figures painted, I only had to finish their bases. I decided on a round scenic base with the impaled body and sign to help bring out the grim and dark atmosphere of Mordheim.


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