Malifaux - Guild Peace Keeper (Part 4)

Ok sorry these photos are a bit dark - I'll try to get some better ones with the daylight lamp! But the good news is that I have nearly finished the Peace Keeper. I found out that Foundry Drab A and B shades match the Flat Earth/Deck Tan/Oil Wash I used on the main carapace, so I used those colours to paint the claws and do some touch ups.

I painted the wood on the base with Charadon Granite, highlighted by mixing in Menoth White Base. It was then finished off with Silfor Mininatur karst tufts.

Here it is from another angle. The brass bits have been base coated with Tin Bitz, and are awaiting a wash and highlight.

I'll have to see what I can find to add to the base, it still looks a bit bare at the moment.


YsambartCourtin said…
Those colours evoke a real WW1 - WW2 British feel. Great job as ever.
SFortier said…
How big are the squares on your blue board?

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