Malifaux - Zoriada Crew (Part 5)

Happy New Years! I've had a very slow few months but I managed a small bit of painting to try and get Zoriada and her crew finished.

The silurids all got some tiger strips, starting with a base of Scorched Brown, followed by Hormagaunt Purple and finished by mixing in Menoth White Highlight.
 The bases were finished off by adding Silflor moss pads (I used the Spring and Summer moss pads). I laid some of these over existing sculpted moss, as I think the Silflor pads look far superior.
 Here are the silurids all glued to their bases. I still need to paint their claws and teeth.
 And the back - you can see the striping I've done along their backs.
 Bad Juju glued onto his base - I need to do a LOT of filling under his feet!
 And here is Bad Juju from the back.
 Zoriada on her base.
 And from the back.
 And finally, a group shot, with the spare base for the voodoo doll totem.
 From another angle.
Till next time, happy painting!


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