LOTR Saruman

It's been a while since I've updated - after Golden Demon Oz, I ended up on an overseas stint for next month in India, and then got back in time for Christmas and New Years craziness. And tomorrow I am back at work... but I have a few update to make over the course of the week, so let's start with Saruman.

I did this guy up for GD OZ 2010 - he was a finalist but didn't place. There were some better entries, some of them even had freehand, which always has a soft spot with the judges.

Anyway, Saruman. You have seen him before in my Playing with GW Washes post - so yeah, he's spent a while on my painting table! I basically just worked up all the highlights and shades to try and get strong contrast and transitions in the folds.

It was tricky to try and get some more natural colours for the beard and hair without it blending into the already white robes. In the end, I used a lot of grey washes to get some different colours. Here's a montage shot of him:

Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of more work in progress shots other than the first link, but if you have any questions on the painting, let me know.


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