Grey Seer Thanquol - WIP Part 1

I've had this miniature around for a long time now - the classic Grey Seer Thanquol sculpt by Jes Goodwin. There's something about the Skaven character models from the 1990's that really make them stand out and appeal to me (and I'm still trying to acquire a Lord Skrolk).

These are work in progress photos from last year - but now that the Skaven are getting some reinforcements in the January releases, I thought I'd put together a post with my work in progress photos. It might even encourage me to finish him off!

So let's start with the skin... Since I had some good results with the flesh on Death Master Snikch, I thought I'd use the same formula for Thanquol, so I started with a black undercoat.

This was followed with a few thinned coats of Tallarn Flesh, about four or five coats to give a smooth opaque finish.

Two washes of Ogryn Flesh Wash followed, to make sure it really got into the recesses.

Now back to the Tallarn Flesh, a thinned layer on the raised areas, leaving the darker washed colours in the recesses.

Next, a layer of Tallarn Flesh mixed with Bleached Bone for the of highlights, working my way up to pure Bleached Bone. I also made a start on the robes with a basecoat of Charadon Granite.

Here I've started painting the metallics with a thin coat of Chainmail on the blade. The horns have been basecoated with Graveyard Earth. His fur has been given a basecoat of Astronomican Grey.

A few weeks later here, and I have added highlights on the robes, blending up with Kommando Khaki and Menoth White Highlight. He's also been given a new base, made up with Knead-It.

You can see the base better in this shot - I've painted it with a basecoat of Snakebite Leather. I've also highlighted the green parts of his clothing by adding in Rotting Flesh, and painted the gold with Burnished Gold. 

The warpstone has been painted with Scorpion Green, highlighted by mixing in Skull White. The little pouches are Ultramarine Blue, highlighted by mixing in Skull White. 

The horns have been highlighted by mixing in Bleached Bone with Graveyard Earth, working my way up to pure Bleached Bone and then to Skull White.

Here is a back shot - I need a few more layers of Chainmail on the Blade before I can start the shading and highlights on it.

Guess I'll have to start taking him to work again this week and finish him off during the lunch hour! 


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