Back of Beyond

I love pulp stories and settings, ever since I first saw Indiana Jones as a child. When Copplestone Castings released their Back of Beyond range, I went on a binge, getting several packs and painting them up over the course of a month. I did the following back in 2004, and they placed in the MOAB painting competition that year for Historical Unit (I think).

Armed Archaeologists:
American Adventurers:
Paelontologist and fossils:
British Officers:
German Mercenaries:
These were painted with a simple wash/layer approach. It was a lot of fun picking out colours that would work well for the pulp period. One of the Armed Archaeologists has been done up to look like Rick O'Connell (from the Mummy), and one of the American Adventurers is suppose to be a Young Indiana Jones.

PS. I forgot to make a not-painted-by-me post last week, so maybe I'll do something extra to make up for it this week.


YsambartCourtin said…
The pale shirts are brilliant washes well photographed. They contrast so well against the dark pants. The detail 'pops' out especially on The paleontologist and the two pistol American.

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