Freebooter's Aspera by Jen Haley

I figured I should do something a bit different on Fridays, so I'm going to show-off a figure not painted by me each week. To start off with, I'm going to go through my own collection of miniatures by other painters (most scored off Ebay or from charity auctions).

So here's Aspera, a Freebooter miniature painted by Jen Haley. I've always admired Jen's miniatures, and for me to actually win this one on Ebay was quite a thrill. One thing I love is the way Jen paints her faces - she adds a lot of depth and character to the miniatures through careful painting of the eyes, skin tones and lips.
The other thing Jen is famous for is her NMM - here's a montage shot of the figure from differnet angles, you can see the NMM at work:
Check out her website, Paintrix Miniatures, to see more of her work. Jen also does commissions and regularly puts up painted works on Ebay, so go check out her site!


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