Street Violence from the Collection

Here are some Street Violence figures from my collection, done in 2002 (back in the days when Counterstrike was going strong with my friends), with the exception of the two guys who snuck into the back ranks of the Yakuza pic. All all these have fairly standard gaming paint jobs - solid colours with a bit of edge highlighting.

First up are two SWAT teams. The sniper is my favourite, I did up his gun to look like the arctic warfare magnum from Counterstrike.
This pack was basically all guys in helmets and MP5's.
And some folks in suits... this is Juno's Crew:
And Yakuza - well the front three are Yakuza, the back two are figures I finished back in January, one is Jules to go along with Vince from Juno's Crew, and the other is a US secret agent by the Assault Group.
One thing I always thought was odd with the Street Violence range was the unexplained extra large guy in the pack, who stood a good head taller than all his compatriots. Probably a result of working off the same dollies I guess. There wasn't one in the Yakuza pack, but you can see it in the two SWAT teams and Juno's Crew. The other thing that is a bit odd is that the underside of the hands on the Street Violence figures have no details. Cleaning is not too bad, but there is still a decent amount of cleaning to be done.

Overall, I think they're decent value for what you get, but be prepared to do some cleaning before painting.


Jenova said…
Those look great!

I think I have a couple of those minis. They look like crappola when I paint them...

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