Rackham Ashan'Tyr

I painted this miniature back in 2003 (won best Large Monster at MOAB Painting Competion for that year too). Ashan'Tyr was one miniature I had to get after seeing Jeremie's version when I stayed at his place in Lyon. She is my favourite out of all the female wolfen sculpts, and a lot of fun to paint. It's also probably the only miniature where I've been happy with the NMM work I did - though now that I look at the it, there's a lot of room for improvement.

Perhaps I should go back and update bits of her paintjob as an Improvometer exercise - although I got a relatively smooth finish for her skin, it lacks contrast and zenithal lighting to match the NMM. The steel NMM also needs more specular reflections and contrast to match the gold. And perhaps make the base more interesting. Either that, or I should work through my other Wolfen first. :)

Here's a montage shot:


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