Games Day Orc Warboss

I finally got around to taking photos of the miniatures I painted last year (and it wasn't really that many, I'm ashamed to say). First up is the Orc Warboss that I did as a test of skin colour and shading for my Ork Kommando unit. He is the special Golden Demon miniature for 2007. I ended up taking this guy to Games Day L.A. and got an Honourable Mention in the Warhammer Single category.

It turned out that (at least amongst OzPainters), this has been quite a popular model to paint - I remember the initial criticism of the model and the official GW paintjob when it was first announced. The paint scheme I chose is very much inspired by the one Sebastian did - pale green skin, lots of bold red, and an arid base with a spotted mushroom.

Here are some pics from different angles.

A good back view. The idea of the checker pattern on the shield's teeth came from seeing a Black Orc boss painted by Sean Gray for a miniature exchange.

A thread on OzPainters if you prefer to comment there. And if you are curious about Orc Warbosses painted by other OzPainters:


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