Death Master Snikch WIP Part 5

Another 4 hrs or so on Death Master Snikch tonight - adding more highlights to the hood, bandages and pants. Same colours as previously mentioned with more Menoth White Highlight in the mix.
All the metals have been painted too - just using watered down Chaos Black to build up the shading and doing highlights with Boltgun Metal, Mithril Silver, and Vallejo Metal Medium.

The gold was washed with Devlan Mud, and highlighted up with Shining Gold and then verdigris added with watered down Jade Green. Then spot highlights added with Shining Gold mixed with Metal Medium.
The second photo was taken with the light not quite as close to the miniature - it's probably closer to the actual colours. The daylight lamp really over-brightens the miniature!

Now I just need to finish off the poison on the blades and his base.


generulpoleaxe said…
I'm realy enjoying see this piece progress :D
sweet work.
Andrew said…
Thanks generulpoleaxe! I've finished him now and will get a new post up very soon!

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